• Brad Pinsky


Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The One “Must Have” Book For Every NYS Fire Department, Fire District, Fire Chief, Fire Company And Municipality!!!

This manual explains every New York and federal law regulating fire departments, and contains 100’s of sample bylaws, policies, rules, NFPA practices and model programs. This Manual is completely revised, expanded and current up to 2020!

Over 800 Pages, Including: • Easy to understand interpretations of all applicable federal and state laws • Guidance on how to comply with each of the laws • Sample bylaws, forms, policies, procedures and programs required by law • Recommended firefighter training programs • Sample contracts, releases, notices • Best practices suggested by NFPA • Lessons learned from the mistakes of others • Best practices in financial oversight and fiscal management • A complete list of all reporting requirements • A full review of liability issues faced by fire departments and management • And so much more!

$295.00 PER MANUAL + $15.00 SHIPPING EACH MANUAL ORDER FORM IS HERE: https://bf5b6d69-d2ca-4a8a-8a10-8ece41f77d7b.filesusr.com/ugd/844b58_398bf42c63c34abdaedb338ab38312fe.pdf

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